Your First Days

1  Explore the Gmail interface
Watch a video (4:47) Tour the Gmail interface. View new messages, perform message actions, chat with contacts online, and more.
Browse an interactive overview

Click through this interactive Flash presentation to learn about Gmail from each part of its interface.

Requires Adobe Flash Player.

2  Start sending mail
Sending, replying, and other Gmail basics
Or watch a video:
Add recipients
Send attachments
Quick steps for how to compose messages, add attachments, reply and forward, and print messages.
3  See how Gmail is different
Life After Microsoft Outlook® Quickly learn to accomplish some of the same tasks in Gmail that you're used to doing in Microsoft Outlook®.

Print this guide out and keep it handy as you begin using Gmail.

Conversations and Gmail innovations  An introduction to Gmail's unique mail management features, including conversation threads, archiving. stars and labels, and Google powered search.
What's not available in Gmail  A few features you might be used to in your old email application than aren't yet in Gmail.
Watch a video:
Conversations Search
Short video clips introducing some of Gmail's unique mail management features.
4   Set up your email
Create your signature, labels, and filters 
Or watch a video:
Create filters Using labels
Quick steps for organizing messages with labels and setting up other elements of your environment.

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